The app that improves safety

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A new, specialist traceability management tool for lifting

Real-time information

Instantaneous reception 24/7 of lifting accessory status changes via a simple internet connection.

Controlled costs

Applicable to all lifting accessories with no specific or costly investment.


Compatible with PC, tablet or Smart phone. Available on Android and IOS.

Inspection planning

Increased security and transparency: direct access to the maintenance log and annual checks scheduled automatically.

Centralized management

Information managed and encrypted by a unique ID via PC.

Simplicity and speed

Quick, easy and paperless access to general information (maximum payload, safety coefficient, year of manufacture, etc.), instruction manuals and maintenance logs.

Optimum traceability via ALITRACER

ALITRACER provides real-time information about the inspection status of the lifting equipment and accessories fleet. The software is available for all brands and suppliers. The tags are included and the information is pre-encrypted for STAS-LIFTEUROP lifting accessories and equipment.

ALITRACER improves safety and guarantees use compliant with legislation.

The software is multilingual and easily accessible to all users.

ALITRACER software on your computer allows you to control your lifting devices


ALITRACER on mobile

Services and support

Protected data

Long-term reliability of data storage in Luxembourg.

Technical support

Monitored by a team of professionals competent in standards, traceability and lifting techniques.


Training, supervision and user assistance.



  • Free mobile app
  • ALITRACER 1-year license
  • 50 tags free
  • Storage space for 150 accessories


  • Free mobile app
  • ALITRACER 3-year license
  • 100 tags free
  • Storage space for 500 accessories


  • Additional tags available upon request.
  • Packages of 10, 100, 250 or 500.


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